Ghana, a nation on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, is known for diverse wildlife, old forts and secluded beaches, such as at Busua. Coastal towns Elmina and Cape Coast contain posubans (native shrines), colonial buildings and castles-turned-museums that serve as testimonials to the slave trade. North of Cape Coast, vast Kakum National Park has a treetop-canopy walkway over the rainforest.
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Ghana Tourism Authority – The Official Ghanaian Tourism Website

“7 Jul 2017 It's an expression you will hear several times daily as you travel around Ghana, one that will ring in your ears at night, and bring a smile to your face for weeks after you leave. Welcome to a haven that combines the charms of a tropical beach idyll with a fascinating historical heritage, rich cultural variety, and …”
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Ghana travel – Lonely Planet

“It's easy to come here for a week or a month, but no trip can be complete without a visit to Ghana's coastal forts, poignant reminders of a page of history that defined our modern world. Travel north and you'll feel like you've arrived in a different country, with a different religion, geography and cultural practices. The beauty is …”
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Ghana – Wikitravel

“While their laid back attitude and lack of organized tourist sights/trips can be a little annoying to begin with, before you have been there for very long you realize that it is one of the delights of this country. Tourism in Ghana is growing very quickly, and more tour operators are seeing increased requests for Ghana as a travel …”
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West African gem: Why you should travel to Ghana | Intrepid Travel

“21 May 2017 Wild African safaris aren't the main attraction in Ghana – there's so much more to the West African gem: big cities, beaches, waterfalls, history, and more.”
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Ghana travel advice – GOV.UK

“Latest travel advice for Ghana including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health.”
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Ghana: FAQ – Trip to Ghana? Start here – TripAdvisor

Travel Shots. The only immunization you are required by Ghana to have is for Yellow Fever. All the others are optional, and at your discretion, so talk to your doctor or travel medicine clinician about it. The necessity or otherwise of the optional immunizations may depend on how long you intend to stay, and whether or not …”
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Ghana – US Department of State

Ghana. Republic of Ghana. Last Updated: February 2, 2017. Embassy Messages. Safety and Security Messages. Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Demonstration in Accra on Wednesday, December 20, 2017Tue, 19 Dec 2017. The U.S. Embassy is aware of reports of a planned demonstration on Wednesday, December …”
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Information and Facts About Travel to Ghana – TripSavvy

“13 Jun 2017 Ghana is one of the friendliest countries in the world. Learn about its geography, travel, economy, best time to go, climate, getting around and more.”
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Ghana Travel Guide and Travel Information | World Travel Guide

“A cultural destination with its wildlife, local life and more. World Travel Guide provides you with more information as to why Ghana is one destination to visit.”
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Traveller's Guide: Ghana | The Independent

“In the fourth instalment of our series on Africa, in association with Lonely Planet, Kate Thomas reveals a diverse and dazzling landscape. Kate Thomas; Friday 4 May 2012 11:00 BST. Click to follow. The Independent Travel. From the sky, Ghana is a bundle of green on the west coast of Africa, bordered by golden beaches …”
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