Guinea is a country in West Africa, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It s known for the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, in the southeast. The reserve protects a forested mountain range rich in native plants and animals, including chimpanzees and the viviparous toad. On the coast, the capital city, Conakry, is home to the modern Grand Mosque and the National Museum, with its regional artifacts.
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Guinea travel – Lonely Planet

“Explore Guinea holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Imagine you're travelling on smooth highways, and then get tempted by a dusty turn-off signed Adventure. Well, that turn-off is Guinea. Little known to most of the world, this is a land of surprising beauty, from the rolling mountain plateau of Fouta Djalon …”
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Guinea – Wikitravel

“In 2008 travel between Guinea and Liberia was safe, though time consuming. Hiring a motorcycle is the best option. Crossing the Guinean border with Senegal is possible but very uncomfortable and requires patience.”
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Guinea – US Department of State

“17 Jan 2017 PASSPORT VALIDITY: 6 months validity. BLANK PASSPORT PAGES: One page for entry stamp. TOURIST VISA REQUIRED: Yes. VACCINATIONS: Yellow fever. CURRENCY RESTRICTIONS FOR ENTRY: None. CURRENCY RESTRICTIONS FOR EXIT: No more than 100,000 FG or $5,000 USD. ALL /.”
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Guinea Travel Guide and Travel Information | World Travel Guide

Travel guide to Guinea includes advice on travel, history & culture, weather, attractions, local food & drink, shopping & nightlife for visitors and tourists.”
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Guinea travel advice – GOV.UK

“31 Oct 2017 The World Health Organisation declared Guinea Ebola transmission free on 1 June 2016. You should check this travel advice before travelling to Guinea and follow the health advice on the NHS Choices website. The local police number for downtown Conakry is +(224) 622 039 258.”
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GuineaTravel guide at Wikivoyage

Guinea (officially the Republic of Guinea; French: République de Guinée) is a former French colony that borders Guinea-Bissau and Senegal to the north, Mali on the north and north-east, Côte d'Ivoire to the east and Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south. Unrest in Sierra Leone has spilled across the border, creating …”
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Travelling to Guinea? → How to Enter & Get By Safely – World Nomads

“16 Dec 2016 All foreigners require a visa & vaccination card to enter Guinea, but that's not the only challenge. Find out more →”
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Travel advice and advisories for

“22 Dec 2017 Country Travel Advice and Advisories from the Government of Canada.”
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Health Information for Travelers to Guinea – Traveler view | Travelers …

“5 Dec 2017 Note: Zika is a risk in Guinea. Zika infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects. Therefore, pregnant women should not travel to Guinea. Partners of pregnant women and couples planning pregnancy should know the possible risks to pregnancy and take preventive steps (more …”
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Guinea Forum, Travel Discussion for Guinea – TripAdvisor

“Travel forums for Guinea. Discuss Guinea travel with TripAdvisor travelers.”
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