Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, is home to volcanoes, rainforests and ancient Mayan sites. The capital, Guatemala City, features the stately National Palace of Culture and the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Antigua, west of the capital, contains preserved Spanish colonial buildings. Lake Atitlán, formed in a massive volcanic crater, is surrounded by coffee fields and villages.
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Guatemala for first-timers – Lonely Planet

“13 Apr 2015 The Santo Tomas church is only really Catholic by name – Mayan priests use it for traditional rituals, and even the 18 steps leading up to the church symbolize the number of months in the Maya calendar. Tip: Avoid the whirlwind day trip on offer from travel agencies and stay in town the night before the market.”
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Guatemala travel – Lonely Planet

“Explore Guatemala holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Mysterious and often challenging, Central America's most diverse country offers landscapes and experiences that have been captivating travelers for centuries.”
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Guatemala Travel Guide – Nomadic Matt

Travel to Flores – This tourist-friendly island is in the middle of Lake Peten Itza. From here you can find bus rides offered to Tikal, which are some of the best preserved Mayan ruins in the world. … Learn about the ruins at El Mirador – El Mirador is perhaps the most undiscovered of the Mayan sites in Guatemala.”
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Guatemala Travel | Places to visit in Guatemala | Rough Guides

“Spanning a mountainous slice of Central America immediately south of Mexico, Guatemala is loaded with incredible natural, historical and cultural appeal. As the birthplace and heartland of the ancient Maya, the country is in many ways defined by the legacy of this early civilization. Their rainforest cities were abandoned …”
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Guatemala – Wikitravel

Travel Warning. NOTE: The CDC has identified Guatemala as an affected area of the Zika outbreak. Pregnant women are advised to be cautious as the virus can lead to birth defects. Adults affected by the virus experience fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes) typically lasting a week. You can learn more by …”
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Things To Know Before Traveling to Guatemala » Brittany Thiessen

“27 Feb 2017 Are you traveling to the beautiful country of Guatemala? Read about my travel tips and useful things you should know before your travel adventure.”
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Guatemala Travel Guide – A Little Adrift

Guatemala travel tips, broken down by city with personal recommendations on hotels, travel experiences, and special tidbits like internet availability and veggie foods!”
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Guatemala Travel Information and Tours | Goway Travel

Travel information on Guatemala plus travel ideas including packages, tours, flights and more. Request a free brochure to plan your trip.”
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Guatemala Vacation Guide for 2017 – Anywhere Travel

“Plan the ultimate vacation in Guatemala with our 2017 Travel Guide to Guatemala, a travel destination perfect for families, couples and more.”
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Guatemala travel advice – GOV.UK

“29 Sep 2017 Latest travel advice for Guatemala including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health.”
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