Romania is a southeastern European country known for the forested region of Transylvania, ringed by the Carpathian Mountains. Its preserved medieval towns include Sighişoara, and there are many fortified churches and castles, notably clifftop Bran Castle, long associated with the Dracula legend. Bucharest, the country’s capital, is the site of the gigantic, Communist-era Palatul Parlamentului government building.
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Romania travel – Lonely Planet

“Welcome to Romania. Rugged stone churches and dazzling monasteries dot a pristine landscape of rocky mountains and rolling hills. Transylvanian towns have stepped out of time, while vibrant Bucharest is all energy.”
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ROMANIATravel and Tourism Information

“A journey of three of four hours, by car or train, can take you from the Danube River to a beautiful, intact, medieval town; from Bucharest – Romania's capital city – to the Black Sea; from Southern Transylvania to the historic regions of Bucovina or Maramures. … Latest news: American travel to Romania is visa-free.”
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9 Reasons You Should Be Afraid To Visit Romania – Heart My …

“19 May 2015 It's like being thrown around a bizarre time warp. I had heard that visiting Romania would be like traveling back in time, where I could expect to see plenty of quaint villages sprinkled with haystacks and horses pulling carts along dirt roads. Sure enough, look what I found! Breb, Romania. Breb, Maramureș.”
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Romania Travel Tips – Nomadic Matt

“Transportation – City buses and trains cost about 4 RON for a single journey ticket. … For example, a ticket from Brasov to Sibiu costs 30 RON and takes about 2.5 hours. And a bus ticket from Brasov to Cluj Napoca costs 70 RON and takes nearly 5 hours. Activities – A lot of Romania's best activities are free.”
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Romania Travel | Places to visit in Romania | Rough Guides

Travel in Romania is as rewarding as it is challenging. The country's mountain scenery, its great diversity of wildlife and cultures, and a way of life that at times seems little changed since the Middle Ages, leave few who visit unaffected. Try to accept whatever happens as an adventure – encounters with Gypsies, wild bears …”
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Romania – Wikitravel

Travel to/from any other country (Schengen or not) from/to Romania will (as of now) result in the normal immigration checks, but travelling to/from another EU country you will not have to pass customs. However, if Romania normally requires a visa for your nationality, this may be waived if you already have a valid Schengen …”
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10 Best Places to Visit in Romania – Romania Travel Video – YouTube

6 Feb 2015″
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10 Travel Tips for First Time Visitors in RomaniaRomanian Friend

“6 Apr 2017 Read about the most important travel tips and things you should know before visiting Romania.”
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Romania Travel – Tours in Romania

TRAVEL MAP. road-map-of-Romania · about us | terms & conditions | site map | privacy | contact. All rights reserved © 2004 – 2015 TOTAL IMAGE MEDIA | RO 16330447 | J40/5981/2004 | Authorization no. 7857 …”
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Romania travel advice – GOV.UK

“Latest travel advice for Romania including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health.”
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