Albania, on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, is a small country with Adriatic and Ionian coastlines and an interior crossed by the Albanian Alps. The country has many castles and archaeological sites. Capital Tirana centers on sprawling Skanderbeg Square, site of the National History Museum, with exhibits spanning antiquity to post-communism, and frescoed Et’hem Bey Mosque.
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Albania travel – Lonely Planet

“Explore Albania holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Albania has natural beauty in such abundance that you might wonder why it took 20 years for the country to take off as a tourist destination since the end of a particularly brutal strain of communism in 1991. So backward was Albania when it emerged …”
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What's it Like to Travel in Albania? – Adventurous Kate : Adventurous …

“24 Aug 2015 Overall, I think visiting Tirana, Berat, and Saranda (plus a day trip from Saranda to Ksamil and Butrint) makes a good weeklong trip. I spread mine out over ten days. If you want to visit other countries at the same time, you could easily expand your trip to Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, and/or Montenegro.”
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Albania Travel | Places to visit in Albania | Rough Guides

“Beyond vague recollections of its Communist past, few travellers know much about Albania. Its rippling mountains and pristine beaches, lands littered with.”
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75 Reasons You Must Travel to Albania ASAP – Eternal Arrival

“1 Jun 2017 Many countries in the Balkans, including Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia are also outside Schengen, so it's easy to plan a little detour to travel in Albania if you're close to using up the 90 days out of the 180 days on your Schengen visa and need to spend time outside the zone to keep your visa …”
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Albania Travel & Tours – Leave your travel plans to professionals

Albania Travel & Tours. Jump head first into new cultures & eclectic experiences you won't find anywhere else – take a historical tour in Albania, or delve into the markets. Sail the Albanian Islands or hit the slopes in the Alps. Let's make one thing clear; a holiday in Albania will send you home with absolutely no regrets.”
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Albania Travel Guide: Updated for 2017 – Rear View Mirror

“Mini Albania travel guide and directory from Rear View Mirror. Read about the highlights of Albania and get help planning your trip with hotel, restaurant and tour reviews.”
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Albania – Wikitravel

“Most people in Albania travel by public bus or by private minibuses (called "furgons") which depart quite frequently to destinations around Albania. Furgons have no timetable (they depart when they are full) and in addition to big cities provide access to some smaller towns where buses don't frequently run. Furgon stations …”
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14 Reasons You Need To Travel To Albania ASAP – Hostelworld

“14 Aug 2017 Sunbathing on pristine beaches, trekking through lonely mountains, exploring ancient ruins… if this sounds like your idea of heaven, you NEED to travel to Albania this year. The Balkan gem has avoided mass tourism unlike many of its neighbours, so travel in Albania means many off-the-beaten-path …”
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Albania holidays | Travel | The Guardian

“The foodie traveller Albania's wine renaissance. The country's wine industry has an image problem – even within Albania. But a new generation of winemakers are digging deep into their native grape stock, with impressive results. Published: 12 Nov 2017. Albania's wine renaissance. September 2017 …”
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Acclimatizing to Albania: A 10 Day Road Trip – Goats On The Road

“15 Feb 2016 Share. 0. Share. 0. Share. 0. Pin. 0. Share. Search. Share. Start Here · About · Destinations · Blog · Travel Jobs · Videos · Contact. Menu. Start Here · About The Goats · Destinations · Blog · Earn Money For Travel · Prepare For Travel · Travel Videos · Contact Us. Acclimatizing to Albania: A 10 Day Road Trip …”
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