About us

What do you need to know about me?

I love traveling.
I love to know different cultures.
I love to fuck different dances.

I love the wonderful tears.
I like the challenges.
I love nature.

So far I’ve been to 42 countries.
“I was upstairs with a carport and a tent over the North Pole at -15C.
– I was at Nodkaki in December in a snowstorm (Europe’s northernmost point)
“I’ve walked around Iran, knocking the 6500m high Damavand.
– I wandered around with my wife and 1 year old boy, Katar, Dubaj, Omant
– I was in the Caucasus.

For many years, I just bought a rucksack, looked out for a ride and started off. Walking, Car Stoppage, Bicycle.
I’ve always known from locals, the best places to see where to go.

Now as a father of 2 children, the desire for travel has not diminished. Because my family is important and so I have to plan where to go where to sleep, what to do so we need to change it.

Unfortunately, I did not find the necessary information at the age of the internet. There are descriptions, there are targets but we often see only the payment solutions that a tourists and we do not see local miracles known by locals. But the internet is huge, but the old pubs / young people do not know the knowledge they are able to approach the local color. Where the road does not go, just a little trail. Internet leads investors, tourism investment, but not leads to a stream through the small cave, where local young people are lounging and dancing.

I would like to make these places even closer, so that you do not have to spend half a night in a local pub.
I would have the locals, the local tour guides and the travelers who were there to bring this knowledge together.
They would give you what and where to look and why.
I would like this to be planned from home.

I would like travelers traveling in one place and the locals to form a little community.
So you can spend a lot of time, research and stress …
And we can build wonderful relationships …
And we can find wonderful places, local customs, food ….

This is what I want to achieve.
And I would like to have as many benefactors as possible, local tour guides or just local assistants to join this initiative.

Help the website.
Help each other.
And I wish you many wonderful journeys.

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